About the Artist


My name is Jannah Kirkland. I am a native Texan, yet I have lived in many places. I learned many years ago that my soul belongs with the mountains so I cannot live too long away from them. I try to honour my love of nature with my art.

I was trained in realism for the first 20 years of life, learning the techniques necessary to achieve a certain skill level. After years of experience and adventure, and learning how to see life with all its beauty, I now focus mostly on abstract expression of the organic. Even my more linear, geometric paintings have elements of the organic. My painting style is mostly intuitive and free-form, focusing on color and movement, and painted largely on hand-crafted canvases made for me by my partner. I primarily use acrylics at this time but will be expanding my repertoire to once again include oils and watercolors. During my 30 year hiatus friends began to hear me comment often that I had a Georgia O’Keeffe living inside me that would come out late in life, and I feel my work is a testimony to that fact.

I hope you enjoy my art and that it helps you feel a deep connection to your true, natural self. I wish you health and peace.


Updated 3/2023– In 2016, my wife and I bought a house outside of Olympia, Washington and enjoyed 5 years exploring the stunning area around Olympic National Park. I painted prolifically, expanding my range and pushing myself to grow. I painted, gardened, cooked and renovated our lovely little home on the lake until, alas…I couldn’t handle the cold any longer. In 2021, we moved to Mexico, traveling for 3 months across the most eastern region, until finally settling in Hualtulco, Oaxaca. It was a glorious 9 months, relishing in the warm and hospitable culture. Though we made some profound friendships that we will always miss, we decided to make my lifelong dream of living in Europe come true. For 3 months, we traveled across Portugal, Spain and Italy, with our final destination being the southern Italian region of Calabria.

 I knew, somewhere deep in my soul, that Italy was where I was meant to be. Luckily, we came across someone that led us to the delightful little village of Santa Domenica Talao,  a few miles behind the seaside town of Scalea. It’s a sleepy little hamlet, set up on a hill that lies between the mountains and the sea. It has an open, unobstructed view of the azure Mediterranean and a never-ending breeze that comes down from the Apennine mountains. It is here, in this place of continual inspiration, that we have decided to live. I’ve updated the photos to show some of my most recent paintings. Maybe it will inspire you to go to your own paradise.

“May the best of your past be the worst of your future.”

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